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About Research

School of Petroleum Technology(SPT) was established in the year 2007 to create a talent pool of well trained engineers for the oil & gas sector.

As a centre of excellence, SPT intends to expand the opportunities for students and professionals to develop intellectual domain specific knowledge and leadership skills to compete in the global arena. This objective is being addressed through a number of specialised and well planned undergraduate and post graduate energy and technology education programs and intensive research initiatives.

SPT offers specialised streams of Upstream and Downstream programs in keeping with the the new demands of the Indian Petroleum Sector. The Pedagogy has been closely aligned with the technical requirements of the industry and is focused on producing sound engineering talent ready for the oil and gas indstry 

•  Enhanced Oil Recovery
•  Shale Gas Exploration & Exploitation
•  Geothermal energy
•  Flow Assurance
•  Hydro fracturing Technology
•  Geological/geophysical activities in petroleum exploration and exploitation
•  Bioenergy

•  Hydraulic Fracturing
•  Proppant characterization
•  Diverter Technology
•  Proppant transport
•  Proppant embedment
•  Flow Assurance
•  Artificial lift optimization

•  Chemical EOR
•  Microbial EOR
•  Nanoparticle applications
•  Acoustic and EM EOR
•  Low Salinity Water Flooding
•  Water/Gas injection
•  Ionic Liquid

•  Heterogeneous Reservoir Characterization
•  Reservoir Simulation and Modelling
•  Molecular level characterization of crude oil
•  CO2 sequestration
•  Reservoir management of mature fields
•  HP-HT Reservoir
•  Integrated Basin Analysis

Drilling & Cementing
•  Nanoparticles & Nano-Technology
•  Non- damaging drilling Fluids
•  Drilling Optimization
•  Cementing Technology
•  Subsea Structure
•  Marine Riser Technology
•  Completion fluids

Geology and Geophysics
•  Palaeontology
•  Ichnology
•  Sequence Stratigraphy
•  Integrated Basin analysis
•  Geophysical prospecting
•  Petro-physical Characterization
•  Geo-Technical and Geo-mechanics

•  Unconventional hydrocarbon resources
•  Tight Reservoir Characterization
•  Shale Reservoirs
•  Coal Bed Methane
•  Methane recovery from gas hydrates
•  Nuclear waste storage

•  Bio-Diesel
•  Bio-Surfactants
•  Bio-remediation of oil spill
•  Molecular characterization of Crude oil
•  Effluent water engineering
•  Catalytic Pyrolysis
•  Separation

•  Hydrogen generation through water splitting
•  Catalyst Synthesis
•  Colloids and Interface science
•  Water resource and waste water engineering
•  Corrosion
•  Oil Field Chemicals
•  Environment