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International Exposure Program

The University has been facilitating one to two months exposure program titled as International Exchange Program (IEP) since 2010 with Partner International Universities during Summer Vacations of each year. The International Exposure Program was a unique initiative by PDEU. It was designed in such a way that students get an exposure academically, technically and culturally with the intent to create and promote a collaborative academic and Research platform at some of the finest universities in the world.

The main objectives of the international exposure program are to give students an exposure to academic, research, industrial and cultural facets and to prepare them for a dynamic international career. The other objectives are:

  • To provide exposure to global technologies in the area of advance research & development.
  • To improve communication skills, self-esteem, creativity and leadership ability of students which are key attributes to nurture successful engineers / scientists / business leaders
  • To provide an understanding of international business.

The objectives are fulfilled through classroom sessions, laboratory assignments, industrial visits, industry lectures, research orientation workshops and visits to local tourist/cultural sites.

International Exposure 2019
Curtin University, Dubai
Dr. Madhavan Natarajan
International Exposure 2015
University of Oklahoma
Dr Jwngsar Brahma
International Exposure 2014

Technion University
Mr. Himanshu Chokshi


International Exposure 2013
University of Houston
Prof. Vinay Babu

International Exposure 2012
University of Houston
Dr. T. P. Singh
The University of Tulsa
Dr. Bijay Behera



International Exposure 2010
University of Houston
Dr. Jitendra Sanghwai
The University of Tulsa
Dr. G.P. Karmakar
University of Oklahoma
Dr. Ajit Shukla