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Name:  Ali Almohammed (21RPE001)
Guide: Dr. N Madhavan
Title: Evolution and Geochemical characteristics of igneous rocks in Narmada rift zone

Name: Amr Gazem Mohammed Saad (21RPE002)
Guide: Dr. Shanker Krishna
Title: Effect of Polymers and Surfactants in Low Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery

Name:  Husam Mohammed Saleh Alziyadi (21RPE003)
Guide: Dr. Pawan Gupta
Title: Investigation of Lubricity and Rheological Properties of Drilling Fluids using Nano Particles and other Additives

Name:  Omar Mohammed Omar Saif Aldubai (21RPE004)
Guide: Dr. Hari Sreenivasan
Title: Effect of Proppant Embedment and Proppant Crushing on Fracture Conductivity in Hydraulically Fractured Reservoirs

Name:  Saddam Mohammed Mohammed Nasser (21RPE005)
Guide: Dr. Vivek Ramalingam & Dr. N Madhavan
Title: Numerical Simulation Studies on Enhanced Oil Recovery

Name:  Hari Pavan Sriram Yalamati (21RPE006)
Guide: Dr. R K Vij and Dr. Rohit Srivastava
Title: Design and Development of Fuel Cell/ PCM Fuel Cell and Electrolyser

Name:  Varsha Pichikala (21RPE007)
Guide: Dr. Lakshmanarao Jeeru
Title: Study on the development of drilling fluids for HPHT wells

Name:  Ankita More (21RPE008)
Guide: Dr. N Madhavan & Dr. Dhruvesh Patel
Title: A case study of hydrological modelling based on remote sensing information

Name:  Rampilla Santhosh Kumar (21RPE009)
Guide: Dr. R K Vij
Title: Reservoir Characterization through Integrated Approach and Modelling

Name:  Isaac Wilson (21RPE010)
Guide: Dr. Pawan Gupta
Title: Study of Methane Production from Natural Gas Hydrates using CO2 inhibitors and depressurization

Name:  Rahul Sirvi (20RPE016)
Guide: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui
Title: Physio-chemical characterization and sorption properties of natural rock samples for Geological disposal of nuclear wastes

Name:  Mareb Ahmed Al-Ammari (20RPE015)
Guide: Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: 3D Geomechanical Modeling in Fractured-Basement Reservoir of Block 10 Oil Field, Sayun-Masila Basin, Republic of Yemen

Name:  Zakaria Gamal Ali Alsemha (20RPE014)
Guide: Dr. Bhawanisingh Desai
Title: Petrophysical Characterization of Igneous Rock Along Eastern Cambay Basin

Name:  Parth Kumar Parmar (20RPE012)
Guide: Dr. Achinta Bera
Title: Development and Characterization of Biomaterials-Based Nanofluids for Enhanced oil Recovery

Name:  Gaurav Hazarika (20RPE011)
Guide: Dr. Rakesh Kumar Vij
Title: Hybrid Low Salinity-Ionic EOR

Name:  V L N Avadhani (20RPE010)
Guide: Dr. Bhawanisingh Desai
Title: Carbonate Reservoir Characterization through Integrated High Resolution Petro-physical Data

Name:  Shital Khot (20RPE009)
Guide: Dr. N Madhavan
Title: New Polymer Generation for Better Thermal Stability of Polymer in Western Oil Fields of India

Name:  Chintan Mistry (20RPE008)
Guide: Dr. Sivakumar P
Title: Catalytic Cracking of Mixed Plastics to Produce Fuels and High Value Petroleum Products

Name:  Anish T Krishnapillai (20RPE007)
Guide: Dr. Vivek Ramalingam
Title: Reservoir Characterization of Conventional/ Unconventional Reservoirs

Name:  Shishram Chahar (20RPE006)
Guide: Dr. Sivakumar P
Title: Studies on Graphene Oxide and Guar Gum Based Nanocomposite Biopolymers for Drilling Fluid Applications to Enhance Oil Recovery at High Temperature and High Pressure Conditions

Name:  Sneha Lavate (20RPE005)
Guide: Dr. Rohit Srivastava
Title: Development of Advanced Nano-hybrid as Electro/photo-catalysts for Hydrogen Generation and CO2 reduction into Green Fuels

Name:  Sujit Mitra (20RPE004)
Guide: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui
Title: Geological Sequestration of CO2 with Special Emphasis on CO2 EOR in mature oil fields of India

Name:  Vishal Chauhan (20RPE003)
Guide: Dr. Jwngsar Brahma
Title: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Petroleum Reservoir

Name:  Avni Goswami (20RPE001)
Guide: Dr. Rohit Srivastava & Dr. Achinta Bera
Title: Development of Economically Favourable Nano Additives for Drilling Fluids

Name:  Adel Hussein (19RPE013)
Guide: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui
Title: Petroleum System Analysis with Reservoir Quality Evaluation in Parts of the Sabatyn Basin, Yemen

Name:  Suryapratap Singh Bhadauria (19RPE012)
Guide: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui
Title: Designing of Injection Fluid & Enhanced Oil Recovery in Carbonate Reservoir: A Molecular Approach

Name:  Shubham Kumar Saraf (19RPE010)
Guide: Dr. Achinta Bera
Title: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in EOR emphasizing on Pore Scale Modelling

Name:  Raunak Gupta (19RPE009)
Guide: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui
Title: Interaction Study of Different Rock & Fluid Samples for Better Operational Practices with Application in Drilling Industry

Name:  Rakesh Kumar Ratnakar (19RPE008)
Guide: Dr. Sivakumar P
Title: Thermal Flow Improvers in Pipeline Transportation of Heavy Crude

Name:  Mogali Veera Phaneendra (19RPE007)
Guide: Dr. Bhawanisingh Desai
Title: Integrated Workflow for Petrophysical Attribute Analysis of Fractured Basement Characterization to Understand Reservoir Architecture of Cauvery Basin

Name:  Manish Pandurang Rane (19RPE006)
Guide: Dr. Sivakumar P
Title: Bio Additive for Lubrication Oils

Name:  Mahetaji Mohatsim Abdulrazak (19RPE005)
Guide: Dr. Jwngsar Brahma & Dr. Rakesh Kumar Vij
Title: Wellbore Stability and Design of Safe Well in Geomechanics

Name:  Dwibhashi Devi Jyotsna (19RPE004)
Guide: Dr. Bhawanisingh Desai
Title: Reservoir Characterization & Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Sediments of Kutch Offshore Basin

Name:  Anjali Choudhary (19RPE003)
Guide: Dr. Bhawanisingh Desai
Title: Ichnological Evaluation of Syn-Rift Deposits, Kachchh Basin

Name:  Amitha Boindala (19RPE002)
Guide: Dr. Rakesh Kumar Vij
Title: Petro physical Analysis of Unconsolidated Lominated Reservoirs & Understanding Sealing Potential in KG Offshore Area

Name:  Gudendra Singh Negi (19RPE001)
Guide: Dr. Anirbid Sircar & Dr. Sivakumar P
Title: Application of Nano-Technology in Enhance Oil Recovery-A case study of Cambay Basin Gujarat, India

Name:  Archchi Sarkar (18RPE002)
Guide: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui
Title: Macromolecular Characterization of Organic-Matter Rich Rocks: Multipronged Approach towards Clean Fuel Technologies.

Name:  Ajendra Singh
Guide: Dr. Bhawanisingh G Desai
Title: Quantifying Porosity-Permeability relationship and modelling Heterogeneity of Bioturbated clastic rocks: Application in Oil and Gas reservoirs