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Inauguration Ceremony of Drilling, Cementing and Stimulation Research Centre on March 03, 2017

Ahmadabad 3rd March 2017: Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), Gandhinagar, Gujarat is an internationally renowned and respected institution whose mission is to impart excellent education and training based upon the foundation of futuristic research and innovations. PDPU has undertaken a unique obligation for education in Energy Engineering and Management with special responsibilities in the specific domain of Oil and Gas, Energy and Infrastructure. The university is well-recognized by ISO, SIRO, UGC and AIU to impart quality education and training. PDPU has various centers of excellenceto establish cutting-edge research: Siemens Centre of Excellence, Centre of Excellence in Geothermal Energy (CEGE), Innovation and Incubation Centre, Solar Research and Development Centre,Centre for Biofuel and Bioenergy Studies, Centre of Excellence in Climate Change and Energy Efficiency and Saving Initiative.

School of Petroleum Technology (SPT), PDPU has established a Drilling, Cementing and Stimulation Research Centre (DCS) to conduct excellent, high-tech and cutting-edge research by providing the state-of-the-art research facilities. The center has received a fund of 10 crores by Government of Gujarat and a grant of Rs. 20 lacs has been donated by Prof. Subhash Shah, Shell Total Chair Professor, PDPU and Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma, USA for the development activities of this center. The center is established with a vision to initiate and promote research linkages with institutions and agencies including industry and professional organizations. In addition to the basic laboratory equipment and instrumentation, this center is havingthe state-of-the-art equipment for cement slurry design and evaluation, formation damage evaluation and remediation, and high pressure, high temperature proppant conductivity determination for reservoir stimulation application. This center is in the process of establishing a long-term relationship with oil and gas leading industries like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Shell, etc. This approach can offer a wide array of opportunities like B2B activities with industry professionals, technology transfer and upgradation, innovative solutions to industry problems, etc. The major benefits are given as below:

  • Business opportunities with industries.
  • Collaborative research and field projects with regional government agencies and private industries (such as Reliance, ONGC, GSPC, etc.).
  • Conduct proprietary confidential projects to help resolve day-to-day field problems faced by industry.
  • Offer challenging industry-driven projects/problems to graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Enhance students’ employment opportunities by having close interaction with industryand government agencies.
  • Involvement in student related activities such as distinguished lectures, conferences, workshops, and student chapter events.

Our intent is to develop a strong relationship with industry and academia for technical guidance and industry-driven projects so that this center can achieve its vision and mission which may lead to the zenith of oil and gas research and development world.

Dr. Subhash Shah, Shell Total Chair Professor, PDPU and Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma, USA, expressed thatthe Drilling, Cementing, and Stimulation Research Center at PDPU is one of a kind, state-of-the-art facility established for the purpose of advancing research and innovation in the field of oil and gas industry. Its mission is aligned with the “Make in India” initiative launched by our Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra bhai Modi. The center with its current and future capabilities will help students to conduct cutting-edge research. The technological advancement will help industry extract additional oil and natural gas from underground more efficiently and economically. It will boost the economy of the State of Gujarat. Our students will have an opportunity to acquire hands-on, practical experience. Research and innovation will provide them a competitive advantage on an international platform.

Mr. Manan Shah, Faculty School of Petroleum Technology, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University made a Presentation on Cementing equipment. The equipment is used for all the cement jobs which are carried out during oil and gas drilling operations.

Ms. Vaishali Sharma Faculty School of Petroleum Technology, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University made a presentation on Formation Damage System.

Mr. Maunish Shah, faculty of School of Petroleum Technology, PDPU, made presentation on Proppant Conductivity System. When well is not producing as per the expectation, fractures are created in the formation by injecting fluid under high pressure. The proppant is a solid material, typically sand, or man-made ceramic, designed to keep an induce fracture open. He showcased the prospective tests which can be conducted on equipment for optimum selection of proppant.

Prof. Anirbid Sircar, Director, School of Petroleum Technology said in his welcome address that The ‘Drilling, Cementation and Stimulation’ lab is one its kind in India which will help the students, academicians and industry in a synergetic manner.

The event witnessed participation from eminent industrialists and academicians from prestigious institutions and organizations.