School of petroleum technology - PDEU | Engineering studies | B.Tech | M.Tech
with "A" Grade
& CGPA of 3.39
out of 4.00
sse pdpu
Ph.D awarded

Mr. Maunish Shah
Guide: Prof. Subhash Shah & Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Selection of Diverter for Refracturing In Hydrocarbon Bearing Formations

Mr. Jatin Agarwal
Guide: Prof. Subhash Shah & Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Wax Deposition Process in Crude Oil Pipelines (Flow Loops and Field Pipelines)

Ms. Kriti Yadav
Guide: Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Exploration of Geothermal Heat Sources in Gujarat, India

Vaishali Sharma
Guide: Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Reservoir Characterization of Cambay Shale and hydro-fracturing modelling for its Exploitation

Mr. Manan Shah
Guide: Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Geothermal Exploration and Exploitation: A Case study from Gujarat, India

Mr. R Balasubramanian
Guide: Dr. Sivakumar. P & Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Optimization and Kinetic Studies on Production of Biodiesel from Industrial Waste

Mr. Anand Gupta
Guide: Dr. Anirbid Sircar
Title: Integrated studies on crude characterization wax deposition and modelling to improve Flow Assurance for some Indian oil fields.

Mr. Ravinder Ariketi
Guide: Dr. Uttam Kumar Bhui
Title: Integrated reservoir characterization of Cambay Shale for Shale Gas Resource estimation in Ankleshwar area, Cambay Basin, Gujarat.

Mr. Jwngsar Brahma
Guide: Dr Anirbid Sircar
Title: Geological and Geophysical Integrated Study of Western and Central Tripura for Identification of Hydrocarbon Plays and Prospects

Mr. Biswajit Thander
Guide: Dr Anirbid Sircar
Title: Comparison of Various Stochastic Inversion Techniques and its Application to Hydrocarbon Resource / Reserve Estimation

Mr. Rajendra Dutt Saklani
Guide: Dr B G Desai
Title: High resolution sequence stratigraphy of the paleogene sediments of Western India, with special reference to Kachchh basin

Saheli Sanyal
Guide: Dr Uttam K. Bhui
Title: Clay Minerals in Hydrocarbon Reservoir rocks and their Interactions with Crude Oils and Brines: Its Implications for Enhanced Oil Recovery