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Placement Record

School of Petroleum Technology has an excellent track record of securing placement for its students. Students have been hired by top companies of India and many companies have been visiting SPT every year for recruiting students. This year numerous students have received job offers from companies which are predominantly from their respective discipline.


Top Companies Highest CTC Average CTC
  • ONGC
  • Halliburton India
  • HLS Asia
  • Shell India
  • Reliance Industries
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • AG&P Pratham
  • Seros Energy
  • Enverus
  • Sabarmati Gas
  • Shelf Drilling
  • Imperial Oilfield Chemicals
  • IRM Energy
  • Torrent Gas
  • Bvishal Oil & Energy
  • Allied Engineers
Rs. 23.61 LPA Rs 6.96 LPA




Career Development Cell

The Career Development Cell facilitates the process of placements for graduates and post-graduate students at the University, besides collaborating with prominent organizations in setting up of internship and training program of students. The placement policies and other related activities are handled by Career Development Cell, assisted by Professor In-charge and students’ Placement Committee. Students Committee is closely co-opted in implementing these policy decisions. The process of coordination with recruiters is handled by the Career Development Cell. The companies are encouraged to communicate with Manager-Training & Placement for initial discussions and subsequent communication.

Job offers, dates of interviews, selection of candidates etc. are announced through the Career Development Office.

The Career Development Cell office is well equipped to support all placement procedures including Pre-Placement Talk, interviews and group discussions.

Facilities available at Career Development Cell:

  • Auditorium and lecture theaters for PPT.
  • Well equipped discussion rooms for interviews and group discussions.
  • IT support for placement activities.