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SPT Laboratory

Empirical experiences are prerequisites for scientific and engineering education. The School has created a number of sector relevant engineering laboratories which are well equipped to facilitate the pedagogic and research process. The practical classes are well integrated into the curriculum, but the school encourages even more extensive use of these facilities to nurture a research led environment. The labs are being continuously upgraded with new equipment, to strengthen the research work of the M.Tech and Ph.D students who rely extensively on experiments to validate their work.


Earth Science Lab
Geomechanics and Strength of Materials lab
Drilling Fluids & Cements Lab
Safety, Health and Environment Lab
Petroleum Engineering-I Lab
Drilling, Cementing and Stimulation Research Center

Petroleum Engineering – II Lab
Petroleum Product Testing Lab
Petroleum Product Application Lab
Reservoir Characterization Lab
Computer and Language Lab



Petroleum Software Lab

Experimental and Numerical Studies are the fundamental entities of an engineering study. The School strives to provide our students the exposure and expertise which are at par with the expectations of the oil and gas industry. As a stepping milestone, the School has established a state of the art Petroleum Software Lab in the reservoir Characterization Laboratory. The Petroleum Software Lab is adistinctive feature of SPT, PDPU among the other petroleum universities in the Country. The lab houses thelatest version of industrially used softwarecovering all spectra of Petroleum Industry, from Seismic investigation to downstream engineering. The School presently has software from the pioneers of the peer community.

Company Software Module Available

Computer Modelling Group Ltd.(CMG)
  • SOLVE University (Access to GEM, IMEX, STARS Simulator)
  • Builder
  • Results


Kappa Engineering
  • Saphir NL - Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Topaze NL - Rate Transient Analysis
  • Rubis-Multi Purpose Numerical Model
  • Citrine - Field Performance Analysis
  • Azurite - Formation Testing
  • Emeraude - Production Logging

PETroleum EXperts(PETEX)
Integrated Production Modelling softwareIPM models the complete oil and gas production system including reservoir, wells and the surface network.

NSI Technologies
Stim PlanA fracturing software to develop an optimum fracture design

CARBO Technology
Frac ProFracture design, analysis and monitoring software

The School is grateful to the companies for recognizing PDPU as a valuable collaborator and thankful for providing Academic License of the latest version of the software.


Petroleum Experts Limited

SPT is proud to collaborate with Petroleum Experts (PETEX ltd.). The School is thankful to PETEX Ltd. for donating 10 licenses of the latest version of Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) software, which has a commercial value of £1,928,864.11. The SPT, PDPU is grateful to PETEX ltd. for the greatest recognition.